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Does Ambiance Really Matter?

22 Oct
October 22, 2015

Think of the last time you had a truly enjoyable dining experience. What made it so pleasant? You may not be surprised to realize it was more than just the food that satisfied you. Does restaurant ambiance affect the enjoyment of food? Studies show yes, restaurant ambiance plays a huge part in whether guests positively viewed their meal and if they will come back again.

A New York Times article entitled, “Ambiance of Eating: What is its Role?” explains how eating is both a physiological and a psychological act. “The body responds in the most subtle of ways to surroundings- to harsh colors, bad lighting, noise or tension. It is no coincidence that some of the highest-rated restaurants are also among the most beautiful,” explains an inspector for Guide Michelin.

With that knowledge in hand, what steps can be taken to ensure a relaxed dining experience that matches the food you’re serving? Let’s consider how the atmosphere of your restaurant can enhance the pleasure of what is eaten.



Including planter boxes is a great idea to create a calm and soothing environment and an easy way to incorporate nature into a dining space.


Decorative fireplace surrounds are a thoughtful detail to the dining space, adding to the comfort of a room.



As one of the first things seen upon entering a restaurant, the hostess stand should also be a statement piece, reflecting the style of the restaurant.



Consider the signage with your restaurant name; it can easily become a piece of art and more then just a title.


A custom built bar top is a sure way to up the wow factor of a restaurant as well.


You may have already thought about this, but the same principles apply to your residential dining space as well. Equally as important is the room where meals are eaten; just as the bedroom is a place of solitude and rest and no work should be done there, so the dining room or kitchen is the suitable room for eating. Next time you’re tempted to plop down in front of the T.V. just remember the adverse affects this has on your digestion and ability to judge how satiating a meal has been.

We’re available for design consultation, fabrication and even restoration of any wood, metal or stone element of a dining space. Give us a call at 773.517.6733 or email us at info@greatlakesartstudio.com.



Spring Cleaning: Restoring Outdoor Furniture

30 Apr
April 30, 2014


Spring is here and its time to unpack your outdoor furniture from storage and return them to your yard or patio. The sense of excitement seeing your outdoor furniture for the first time in months is like running into an old friend. However, this sense of excitement can often be dampened when you start noticing the details. You can’t help but think, was that there when I put it away in the fall?

It’s to be expected; after all, outdoor furniture faces particularly harsh conditions facing the elements year after year. So we have to ask, are your well-loved outdoor metal pieces not looking their best? Now is a great time to refurbish your outdoor furniture and Artisan Restoration International is here to help.


We offer a wide range of restoration services to rejuvenate worn-out outdoor metal pieces.

Basic Repairs. In addition to sun and rain, your outdoor furniture faces a myriad of psychical stress. Pieces that rock, swivel, or recline are at particular risk for breaking/damage. It is important to ensure your furniture is safe to use. We offer repairs such as re-attaching chair legs and securing loose joints by re-welding them. So no matter how hard kids play on them, or how many linebacker-figured relatives sit on them again and again, your outdoor furniture will be sure to last.


A fresh coat of paint. It’s amazing how a change of color can affect the atmosphere of a space. We offer a broad spectrum of patinas, powder coats, and paints. When it comes to paint, metal furniture traditionally has a rather limited range of color options (black, white, brown) but you’d be amazed at what adding pastel tones or a bold saturated primary color can do to punch up your outdoor living space.

For metal materials patinas and powder coating are available. A new patina not only brings new color, but also helps protect from weathering or corrosion. Here are some of the patina samples we’ve used recently


Powder coating comes in a broad range of colors, provides protection, and lasts for up to ten years.

Refurbishing outdoor furniture is great way to turn generic pieces into something uniquely yours. Contact us today at info@greatlakesartstudio.com or 847-213-0800 to get started on restoring your outdoor furniture!

Creating New Outdoor Features

29 Apr
April 29, 2014


We at Great Lakes Metal Works & Art Studio firmly believe that your yard is a seasonal living room. And just like any other room of your house, you want to make it your own. To ensure you get the most out of your outdoor space, its a great idea to incorporate features that help your enjoy your space to the fullest. Even with the infinite resource of online shopping, sometimes you can’t find quite what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, but you know what you’ve seen in stores or online just isn’t it.


Whether your garden’s issue is security, privacy, noise, comfort, safety or aesthetics, we offer practical, beautiful solutions with custom fences, garden gates, outdoor furniture, stair railings, and sculpture. Even  if you’re unsure of exactly what you want, we at Great Lakes Metal Works want to help you create your unique feature. We will use our expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process.

How It Works. For the first consultation we encourage you tobring in pictures of what you know you do or don’t like. This can include anything from color, shape, material, texture or elements of other designs.

Our designers will work with you to create a structurally sound design that incorporates the design elements you love and leaves out the ones you don’t.

Once the design is complete, our team will value engineer the proposal for the fabrication process. This may include using a cost-friendly material then adding a finish to give it a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

We offer annual maintenance packages to ensure that your custom design looks great year after year.

Garden Gates. Garden gates can offer security, privacy, and beauty for your outdoor space.


Fences. We design fences of all shapes and sizes, from tall, simple, traditional fences to small, ornate garden bed fences.


Arbors. For spaces with few or no trees, arbors are a wonderful way to add vertical visual interest.


Sculpture. Like hanging a stunning picture on a wall, a garden sculpture grounds the space and provides a central focus point.


Outdoor Furniture. Outdoor furniture makes your space inviting and comfortable.


Have we inspired you to update your garden? Contact us at info@greatlakesartstudio.com or 847-213-0800 to get started!