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Preparing for Outdoor Summer Living

26 Mar
March 26, 2015

Have you been daydreaming of the patio set in summertime? Are you yearning for the balmy evenings where the sunlight lingers after dinnertime? We won’t hold it against you if you’re also secretly wishing that the patio would spruce itself up on its own. Since our team is based in Chicago, we know exactly how these patio daydreams go and we are here to help make them happen.

One of the key essentials to creating a welcoming outdoor living space is the furniture. Whether this means a table and chairs, a bench or a porch swing will all depend on your space and your preferences. We can help liven up a family heirloom as well as design and create new furniture based on existing patio pieces.


Other accessories to consider are decorative planters, outdoor sculpture and outdoor lighting, all make the outdoor living space more inviting and relaxing.





Why not take the cooking outside as well as the eating? This grill features plenty of counter space, optimal for entertaining and spending less time taking things in and out of the house.



These custom planters were designed by Anne Roberts Gardens, Inc. and fabricated by our team for the patio of The Local Chicago. The planters are uniquely built in modules that allow for disassembly and storage during winter, or a change in locations, perfect for a residence that requires privacy.


Now is the perfect time to begin preparations for enjoying the outdoor season. We offer a thorough cleaning for your wood, metal and stone patio pieces to ensure longevity as well as optimal appearance.

Let us know what your patio dreams are. To discuss an idea, call us at 773.517.6733 or email us at info@greatlakesartstudio.com. We look forward to collaborating with you.


Creating New Outdoor Features

29 Apr
April 29, 2014


We at Great Lakes Metal Works & Art Studio firmly believe that your yard is a seasonal living room. And just like any other room of your house, you want to make it your own. To ensure you get the most out of your outdoor space, its a great idea to incorporate features that help your enjoy your space to the fullest. Even with the infinite resource of online shopping, sometimes you can’t find quite what you’re looking for. Or maybe you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, but you know what you’ve seen in stores or online just isn’t it.


Whether your garden’s issue is security, privacy, noise, comfort, safety or aesthetics, we offer practical, beautiful solutions with custom fences, garden gates, outdoor furniture, stair railings, and sculpture. Even  if you’re unsure of exactly what you want, we at Great Lakes Metal Works want to help you create your unique feature. We will use our expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process.

How It Works. For the first consultation we encourage you tobring in pictures of what you know you do or don’t like. This can include anything from color, shape, material, texture or elements of other designs.

Our designers will work with you to create a structurally sound design that incorporates the design elements you love and leaves out the ones you don’t.

Once the design is complete, our team will value engineer the proposal for the fabrication process. This may include using a cost-friendly material then adding a finish to give it a high-end look without the high-end price tag.

We offer annual maintenance packages to ensure that your custom design looks great year after year.

Garden Gates. Garden gates can offer security, privacy, and beauty for your outdoor space.


Fences. We design fences of all shapes and sizes, from tall, simple, traditional fences to small, ornate garden bed fences.


Arbors. For spaces with few or no trees, arbors are a wonderful way to add vertical visual interest.


Sculpture. Like hanging a stunning picture on a wall, a garden sculpture grounds the space and provides a central focus point.


Outdoor Furniture. Outdoor furniture makes your space inviting and comfortable.


Have we inspired you to update your garden? Contact us at info@greatlakesartstudio.com or 847-213-0800 to get started!